About Us

Trophies and award manufacturing and production services for companies and organizations

Who we are

Chicago Display Marketing (CDM) is a full-service company that specializes in custom point-of-purchase displays, merchandising systems, store fixtures, retail graphics, and signage that lift sales and enhance your brand identity.

At CDM, we strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients by providing unparalleled service and expertise. We recognize that the only way to develop those relationships is through performance that consistently meets and exceeds client expectations.

assembly line production of display cases and fixtures for retail locations

What we do

CDM assists retailers and brand marketers by providing innovative design and successful execution of retail display programs that achieve your sales and marketing goals.

Our expertise in integrating multiple materials into a single project separates us from our competitors. We use various materials including metal, wire, wood, plastic, corrugated board, and a range of printing techniques to create impactful, eye-catching displays.

CDM services manufacturers, retailers, and distributors, which gives us a 360 approach and understanding of the retail and c-store marketplace.

Chicago display marekting company history

Our History

Founded in 1946, Chicago Display got its start by helping the Hostess Twinkie become a household brand name.

As our first project, CDM was tasked with enabling Hostess to offer the Twinkie year-round instead of only when bananas were in season. CDM developed new merchandising displays and techniques to boost sales throughout the year and the rest is history!

We’ve learned that successful projects are the result of a clear vision and collaborative approach. It is a core philosophy that has enabled some of our partnerships for over 70 years.